Friday, April 29, 2016

Stars Moons Heart Fragments

Stars. I guess the blue and brown woven thingy isn't going on the top. I want brown and stars. Woven stars, now there's an idea! Brown and yellow? No, indigo and yellow.

 I still have lots of moons, too. Maybe the moons are planets, but they look like stars from where I'm watching. 

 The tips are bright blue... if things are too hot or too cold, they're brilliant. These contrasting things have a lot in common.  Top right, purple piece... that's from a blantee that couldn't handle dozens of industrial washes, fell apart at the hospital, and I salvaged a few little pieces. I got it at Jo Ann's and I love to find more of it.

 This one I like to look at. I'm not done working on it yet. Lots of plaid because hey I'm from Maine, why not. And I love it. And flannel. Shirts (and jammie pants) are made of super durable cloth. And it's so soft after a lot of washes. Perfect for a blankie!

...below, about how I feel. What once was THAT, is now THIS. THAT will be once again, but with more mending and scarring holding it together. Maybe a wee dramatic but I'm worn down and worn out today. Friends and loves need to be straight up with me, tell me what to expect, to keep their word, and try to remember what love and betrayal are. One we need in abundance. One we should never have to feel at the hands of the people we love.

...but anyway... this is something I've been 'sitting on' forever. For YEARS. The dark part is cloth that was hand printed in Britain. I bought it at a local fabric shop. The rest was 'stuff' from around here, thrown in commercial wool dyes I still have in abundance. I kept thinking for sure it would be a wall hanging but now I want it to be the center of a quilt. It's so soft. You would want to snuggle it. And the drape of it is gentle, pleasant... oh, gosh dammit, adjectives, you failed me here. 

And THIS is a little mug rug. I wish I could cover ever surface and the floor with them when the kids are home, because they think snacks and drinks belong EVERYWHERE.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

How it's coming together.

Something I didn't hit publish on, I guess. This is the star quilt I'm making for myself. Or whoever needs it at the moment, I guess. Just a snapshot and a few favorite places.

Right now and Nicky.

 Going in spirals. It's hard to get the words out, to talk about the pictures in my mind, the stories in my mind. I loved the movie and the book Journey to the Center of the Earth and that whole genre-  like The Goddess of Atvatabar. I know I had other loves along those lines. Even the Iron Dwarves in WoW inspire me... although I haven't been as into WoW lately. (Guild Wars 2, on the other hand... I may need an intervention.)

I've drawn pictures on index cards, backs of kids' paperwork from school, anything nearby when I get an idea. I made them in pencil and they're kind of hard to see... but I also tried to paint a picture with words one night when I had to get the imagery out to fall asleep. More a list of thoughts and words.


Under the earth


Eyes in the center to represent beings there... dreaming and looking out. Illuminating, with comfort of home and with hope.

Brown   earth   dirt   rocks  

Cavern   darkness   home   humble   cozy

Hide   safe from shame

thoughts safe from other people knowing

Wrap warm comfort

No stars   dream and wish upon stalagtites   wisps of light

Light from reflection   manmade light

Uneven shapes   blob ovals and circles   Bodies mythical   asymmetric

Sanity held by few stitches
 playful and gentle but insane
Child like, no anger

roads uneven   many started paths that go nowhere yet


Below is a mini version of what I was thinking of. I want to make a twin sized blanket version for myself. This is 'eco dyed'  ...I'm not sure what the material is, it feels like linen and silk. And behind that is coffee dyed cotton. And some chambray because it was too thin in one place. Then a rectangle of extra cotton because I pulled some stitches out to redo and the fabric got too thin. I want to add this to my big star blankie I'm still working on, probably at the top, and maybe on the woven blue and brown piece below. Nicky even put in a few stitches here.

 A bump in the road. Roads need repairs every so often.

 The blue and brown woven thingy. I love the way the stitched parts feel, the quilted down bits. I love the weight of it, too. I 'doodled' with stitching down bottom and I'm not sure how much I love parts of it... but I don't 'dis- love' it enough to take it out yet. I have a heart- tree planned for this, maybe two, on each side of the middle earth piece; or one instead of it, right in the middle.

 And then, this weekend, I hauled Nicky's blankie out of the basket for some work. It's heavy and I didn't feel like working on it for a while. I want to throw four- patches all over it. I've always loved 9 patches, and I did a 16- patch quilt a while back that got destroyed ::flails and screams madly:: that I enjoyed... but something about 4 satisfies me. That makes me laugh at myself a little, since I'm OCD over the number 3.
 But Nicky loves stars, and I love squares and 4 patches... disorder in stitching and order in everything else... so I'll find a place for it all. I want the blankie to be cool to the touch, the way cotton loves to be, and a little heavy like a slightly weight blanket, and soft and used feeling, not new and ...stern, I guess.

 Backside of it has some gems... an old flannel shirt or pants (I had both, same material,) HR print (I have these stockpiled somehow) and some "eco- dyed, eco printed" awesome linen from etsy. Nicky will be home for good soon... he's been at a temporary residential place for nearly 3 years now and 2 mental health hospital visits (and a few er visits) in that time. He still has some issues with aggression and destruction but he's doing incredibly better. I hope he'll be as stable at home as he has been where he's at now... he comes home every weekend and on vacation weeks for most of the week. His brother (who has moderate autism) is looking forward to it. Nicky is his 'best friend' and 'little brovah.' Nick has a Nova Chat and that helps him talk. Seeing how he behaves, you'd never guess how much intelligence and empathy lie within him. He's a little story all in himself, for sure.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Keepin' On

Fuzzy, because the kid doesn't stay still... it's getting bigger! I wanted it twin sized but I don't know if it's going to be. I want to add red and tan checkers to it. Some of my favorite wintery colors together. They remind me of my old hiking boots, with red laces... long lost. Or I gave them away.

But it grew feed and a head, so that's progress!

After finding out a few friends in the San Bernardino area were okay I could tune my freak out dial down from 10 to 7 and absorb the shock and heartache of what happened. I haven't had cable in 11 years and I plan to keep it that way. I found an old shirt I was going to throw away, and I wondered if I could sew with it or the needle would catch the whole time. Well, if I make the stitches a bit bigger, it's fine. I don't know how well it would dry after being washed, being several layers of knitted fabric. But it was meditative while I was watching my twitter feed explode with information.

Next, some cloth I got online from Heike at Gerdiary. The colors are perfectly cheery. And there's tan! I love browns. And grays. and BLACK. I love drab, especially when it meets vibrance. Earth and magic.

I like working on the backs of things, and the insides... it's like cleaning places you know no one will ever see: you know it's there, and it's peace of mind. Although I am sure someone will see the backs of this cloth. Top part, blue, from Jo Ann's. Awesome soft denim. Bottom, cotton/ linen from the quilt shop I dyed with, probably. To the right, some nearly bulletproof- but- soft cotton from the quilt shop. It's nice to touch, not so nice to hand sew through. I like grids, though. I think it's why I like most flannels so much. Flannels at the bottom= Goodwill finds.

I need to get this guy tacked down today. I don't know what to do with the edges, if anything. So maybe nothing with those yet. To the right of hte pink and blue is where I started, a funky nine patch. I like chaos in order. It's a safe place to practice insanity.

Like I need practice. I'm 38 going on 17.

Love that guy. : )

Thursday, November 12, 2015

How it felt.

A new heartbreak. Something to mend, but part of what holds it together is falling out. I hope the mending will be enough. Maybe it can stay outside but nearby until the heart can take it back in.

 Reminds me of this. From my first ever 'cloth,' the first time I found out it's ok to sew how I'd like and not painfully and frustratingly follow the quilting status quo blindfolded.

 I wish I knew what happened to this old friend. I miss it so much. It was a time holding cloth. 2005 or 2006, I think. I really forgot. Time is relative. It was after Nicky was born, but before my mother died that I started it. Then someone peed on it and it went into a bag to be laundered. I hope it didn't get thrown away. I hope it's lost at my sister's house, to be found later as a great treasure (to me!).
It held memories and events; old quilts and new; births and deaths, woven with each stitch or of the cloth itself.

 I really do miss it. The black fabric with the white on it at the top of the bottom pic, that was some rayon or cotton from India I got at a local quilt shop. I think they were scarf remnants, something like that.
I'll have to try to make another in it's honor. Its. Aw, heck.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Squares and Stars and Kids. It's all the same.

So the place where I had the trees bugged me too much. I took it out. Lots of quilting and embroidery. It was a pain in the ass. And it was worth it. Still working on the pointies on this star. I am not good at making points not flat at the ends. This time I'm having better luck. Usually it's bunched up and flat at the tips. That striped fabric, it's beautiful undyed but dulling it with coffee or tea (I'm drinking more tea these days; coffee is giving me a hard time.) is giving me more of a dirty look. I like things that are old, aged, dirty, used, loved and over- loved. It's a comfort. Maybe it's why kids (and adults!) trust older people more. They have wisdom and a more relaxed attitude and the know how to go through the hard times and come out with joy.

The moon, yet to be fully anchored down (you know how moons are) I got in a grab bag from this feisty, beautiful woman. Same with the dark blue below it. I need to order from her again asap. Every scrap feels like a treasure. Those who cannot dye, buy. ;) (I cannot dye. I also can't drive a nail in straight despite spending so much time in my father's truck going to job sites and on my back roof with him doing carpentry.)

That middle block is not on the straight and narrow and it took the block below it with it, as well. Just like my kids; if one is up to mischief, the other is coaching or reinforcing with excessive laughter. But I like this a lot. Both the square and the kids' troublemaking, actually. Nicky has been more stable lately, these last few weeks. A few weekends ago he ...well I was alone with the kids and it took me nearly 20 minutes to peel him off me during some real bad aggressions. Kid went part vampire, part Springer on me. Then he was fine. Just denied access. Nicky is a clothie addict, too. One of his first visits into art was to nearly fall out of the cart picking out a green fabric for his first blankie at Jo Ann's. That thing, that precious thing has been cut to be salvaged; kantha quilted; and patched... and it's still alive and kicking. He loves all his mama's blankies. It's our bond. I get him and he gets me when it comes to textiles. 

 Troublemaker square with red leaf. Wed Weaf. Both kids took forever to talk; both I was told wouldn't speak a word after age 5 if they didn't before age 5; both are finally communicating now at ages 11 and 12, and while they're pretty far behind their peers in that regard, they're still progressing. Doctors think they know it all. smh.

I don't know what it is about this one but I feel good when I see it. On the recommendation of sweet Jude and her classes I grabbed some harem cloth to keep my star warm. Or to help it shine? The middle piece is about 100 years old. I had a log cabin quilt I found in an antique shop that was falling apart and I salvaged what I could. And flannel at the top, because I'm from Maine and we pretty much breathe flannel up here. No, we don't have bears roaming the streets (wait there was one up the street from here last year...) and yes we have most of our teef.

The star, with log cabins, chimneys, and little squares to keep it company. I know people love story cloths, but for me the story is so private, it's hard to make it come out. Every little fringed spot is a place where some memory is hiding, and every little 'error' in my stitching is a reflection of me coming to terms with something unrelated to sewing that I've decided to let be imperfect. If my  mother was still alive, she'd like that. I can't believe it's been four years. I made a mini cloth for her. I should make a bigger one. Blacks, blues, browns, a little white- her style. Orange maybe. Pink to piss her off. She wasn't foo foo.

Monday, October 12, 2015

I don't think this is going to end. And I like it.

Looks less like a clusterfuck in real life.

All kinds of little moments with this so far... It's a possible layout of all the pieces. But looking at it laid out like this is giving me some ideas. The blue and white (moons) are little sparks of light that I want to put all over the place. And a lot more stars... both obvious looking stars and ninja stars- the stars that blend in with the background a bit.

I hope I'll have this done enough to be functional this winter, even if it's not completely done yet. It's really lightweight and the drape of it, and the snuggle- ness of it, is just right.

This panel here: I got the cloth from etsy and it has a thick gauze feel. It is SO soft; it floats. I'm almost done with it now. I wasn't sure if I wanted to quilt around the leaves or go over them.

Sometimes I can't remember if a piece is supposed to be the front or the back. I like that a lot. The back matters to me, too. More places for 'easter eggs' and memories.

A lot of these are backed with retired flannel shirts. The center print and the brown one to the right of it I also got from etsy. The rust circle is eye catching to me. I'm not sure why I love it so much but I have to keep looking at it. Damn thing is going to hypnotize me. One of us is possessed!

Definitely a back here. :D I made a mistake up at the top and I cut around it. I'm going to secure those down and turn them into something. I love mistakes. I love not solving them the 'right' way. It gives me more of an opportunity for critical thinking and problem solving outside the norm. Which, in my opinion, is a lot more fun. It's like sitting with your friend and taking turns adding to a story.

Another "I'm not sure which end I'm looking at" scenario. but I'm having fun with it.

One of my favorite back sections. Still in progress.

 I need to keep an emergency sewing bag on hand! My tummy has been a mess lately, pancreas and liver issues, and I want something to work on sometimes when I'm at the dr's. Or even just to cuddle at the dr's while I'm waiting for them to come in. I don't think I'll ever outgrow that desire for comfort. I don't think any of us do.

And this guy right here is up with Nicky at temp residential. I think it's the first quilt I ever hand quilted. Hundreds of washes later, it's just fine. And I bought the fabric at Jo Ann's so the whole 'you didn't get it at a fabric shop so it's gonna fall apart' myth is bullshit.