Friday, April 29, 2016

Stars Moons Heart Fragments

Stars. I guess the blue and brown woven thingy isn't going on the top. I want brown and stars. Woven stars, now there's an idea! Brown and yellow? No, indigo and yellow.

 I still have lots of moons, too. Maybe the moons are planets, but they look like stars from where I'm watching. 

 The tips are bright blue... if things are too hot or too cold, they're brilliant. These contrasting things have a lot in common.  Top right, purple piece... that's from a blantee that couldn't handle dozens of industrial washes, fell apart at the hospital, and I salvaged a few little pieces. I got it at Jo Ann's and I love to find more of it.

 This one I like to look at. I'm not done working on it yet. Lots of plaid because hey I'm from Maine, why not. And I love it. And flannel. Shirts (and jammie pants) are made of super durable cloth. And it's so soft after a lot of washes. Perfect for a blankie!

...below, about how I feel. What once was THAT, is now THIS. THAT will be once again, but with more mending and scarring holding it together. Maybe a wee dramatic but I'm worn down and worn out today. Friends and loves need to be straight up with me, tell me what to expect, to keep their word, and try to remember what love and betrayal are. One we need in abundance. One we should never have to feel at the hands of the people we love.

...but anyway... this is something I've been 'sitting on' forever. For YEARS. The dark part is cloth that was hand printed in Britain. I bought it at a local fabric shop. The rest was 'stuff' from around here, thrown in commercial wool dyes I still have in abundance. I kept thinking for sure it would be a wall hanging but now I want it to be the center of a quilt. It's so soft. You would want to snuggle it. And the drape of it is gentle, pleasant... oh, gosh dammit, adjectives, you failed me here. 

And THIS is a little mug rug. I wish I could cover ever surface and the floor with them when the kids are home, because they think snacks and drinks belong EVERYWHERE.


jude said...

That last one, that is one wonky little star.

jess said...

Oh shoot, I only just saw this, I'm sorry! Yes it is a very wonky little star. Once the back was tacked down, it flattened out just right.

katbrad said...

I love your blog and your cloth you plan to continue? I know you are busy with your boys and all. Still I love those patches.