Saturday, April 23, 2016

Right now and Nicky.

 Going in spirals. It's hard to get the words out, to talk about the pictures in my mind, the stories in my mind. I loved the movie and the book Journey to the Center of the Earth and that whole genre-  like The Goddess of Atvatabar. I know I had other loves along those lines. Even the Iron Dwarves in WoW inspire me... although I haven't been as into WoW lately. (Guild Wars 2, on the other hand... I may need an intervention.)

I've drawn pictures on index cards, backs of kids' paperwork from school, anything nearby when I get an idea. I made them in pencil and they're kind of hard to see... but I also tried to paint a picture with words one night when I had to get the imagery out to fall asleep. More a list of thoughts and words.


Under the earth


Eyes in the center to represent beings there... dreaming and looking out. Illuminating, with comfort of home and with hope.

Brown   earth   dirt   rocks  

Cavern   darkness   home   humble   cozy

Hide   safe from shame

thoughts safe from other people knowing

Wrap warm comfort

No stars   dream and wish upon stalagtites   wisps of light

Light from reflection   manmade light

Uneven shapes   blob ovals and circles   Bodies mythical   asymmetric

Sanity held by few stitches
 playful and gentle but insane
Child like, no anger

roads uneven   many started paths that go nowhere yet


Below is a mini version of what I was thinking of. I want to make a twin sized blanket version for myself. This is 'eco dyed'  ...I'm not sure what the material is, it feels like linen and silk. And behind that is coffee dyed cotton. And some chambray because it was too thin in one place. Then a rectangle of extra cotton because I pulled some stitches out to redo and the fabric got too thin. I want to add this to my big star blankie I'm still working on, probably at the top, and maybe on the woven blue and brown piece below. Nicky even put in a few stitches here.

 A bump in the road. Roads need repairs every so often.

 The blue and brown woven thingy. I love the way the stitched parts feel, the quilted down bits. I love the weight of it, too. I 'doodled' with stitching down bottom and I'm not sure how much I love parts of it... but I don't 'dis- love' it enough to take it out yet. I have a heart- tree planned for this, maybe two, on each side of the middle earth piece; or one instead of it, right in the middle.

 And then, this weekend, I hauled Nicky's blankie out of the basket for some work. It's heavy and I didn't feel like working on it for a while. I want to throw four- patches all over it. I've always loved 9 patches, and I did a 16- patch quilt a while back that got destroyed ::flails and screams madly:: that I enjoyed... but something about 4 satisfies me. That makes me laugh at myself a little, since I'm OCD over the number 3.
 But Nicky loves stars, and I love squares and 4 patches... disorder in stitching and order in everything else... so I'll find a place for it all. I want the blankie to be cool to the touch, the way cotton loves to be, and a little heavy like a slightly weight blanket, and soft and used feeling, not new and ...stern, I guess.

 Backside of it has some gems... an old flannel shirt or pants (I had both, same material,) HR print (I have these stockpiled somehow) and some "eco- dyed, eco printed" awesome linen from etsy. Nicky will be home for good soon... he's been at a temporary residential place for nearly 3 years now and 2 mental health hospital visits (and a few er visits) in that time. He still has some issues with aggression and destruction but he's doing incredibly better. I hope he'll be as stable at home as he has been where he's at now... he comes home every weekend and on vacation weeks for most of the week. His brother (who has moderate autism) is looking forward to it. Nicky is his 'best friend' and 'little brovah.' Nick has a Nova Chat and that helps him talk. Seeing how he behaves, you'd never guess how much intelligence and empathy lie within him. He's a little story all in himself, for sure.

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