Thursday, November 12, 2015

How it felt.

A new heartbreak. Something to mend, but part of what holds it together is falling out. I hope the mending will be enough. Maybe it can stay outside but nearby until the heart can take it back in.

 Reminds me of this. From my first ever 'cloth,' the first time I found out it's ok to sew how I'd like and not painfully and frustratingly follow the quilting status quo blindfolded.

 I wish I knew what happened to this old friend. I miss it so much. It was a time holding cloth. 2005 or 2006, I think. I really forgot. Time is relative. It was after Nicky was born, but before my mother died that I started it. Then someone peed on it and it went into a bag to be laundered. I hope it didn't get thrown away. I hope it's lost at my sister's house, to be found later as a great treasure (to me!).
It held memories and events; old quilts and new; births and deaths, woven with each stitch or of the cloth itself.

 I really do miss it. The black fabric with the white on it at the top of the bottom pic, that was some rayon or cotton from India I got at a local quilt shop. I think they were scarf remnants, something like that.
I'll have to try to make another in it's honor. Its. Aw, heck.

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