Monday, October 12, 2015

I don't think this is going to end. And I like it.

Looks less like a clusterfuck in real life.

All kinds of little moments with this so far... It's a possible layout of all the pieces. But looking at it laid out like this is giving me some ideas. The blue and white (moons) are little sparks of light that I want to put all over the place. And a lot more stars... both obvious looking stars and ninja stars- the stars that blend in with the background a bit.

I hope I'll have this done enough to be functional this winter, even if it's not completely done yet. It's really lightweight and the drape of it, and the snuggle- ness of it, is just right.

This panel here: I got the cloth from etsy and it has a thick gauze feel. It is SO soft; it floats. I'm almost done with it now. I wasn't sure if I wanted to quilt around the leaves or go over them.

Sometimes I can't remember if a piece is supposed to be the front or the back. I like that a lot. The back matters to me, too. More places for 'easter eggs' and memories.

A lot of these are backed with retired flannel shirts. The center print and the brown one to the right of it I also got from etsy. The rust circle is eye catching to me. I'm not sure why I love it so much but I have to keep looking at it. Damn thing is going to hypnotize me. One of us is possessed!

Definitely a back here. :D I made a mistake up at the top and I cut around it. I'm going to secure those down and turn them into something. I love mistakes. I love not solving them the 'right' way. It gives me more of an opportunity for critical thinking and problem solving outside the norm. Which, in my opinion, is a lot more fun. It's like sitting with your friend and taking turns adding to a story.

Another "I'm not sure which end I'm looking at" scenario. but I'm having fun with it.

One of my favorite back sections. Still in progress.

 I need to keep an emergency sewing bag on hand! My tummy has been a mess lately, pancreas and liver issues, and I want something to work on sometimes when I'm at the dr's. Or even just to cuddle at the dr's while I'm waiting for them to come in. I don't think I'll ever outgrow that desire for comfort. I don't think any of us do.

And this guy right here is up with Nicky at temp residential. I think it's the first quilt I ever hand quilted. Hundreds of washes later, it's just fine. And I bought the fabric at Jo Ann's so the whole 'you didn't get it at a fabric shop so it's gonna fall apart' myth is bullshit.

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