Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Stars

Summer has been interesting. Both good and bad. The good moments with the kids have been phenomenal. The bad have made me question why I'm still here. I'm grateful for the (rare) quiet moments I can look out the window on a road trip or some quiet moments at the lake with my feet in the water, feeling and hearing tasting and smelling the world around me and I can remember being a kid. All kids know is riding the waves of the sensory experience that is life. They have a quick bounce back from anything negative, because they are positivity and pleasure seekers.

Well, we adults were all kids once, so why the fuck don't we do that, too?!!

I'm going to start doing that.

I need more trips to the beach and the woods, with and without the kids. They'd probably prefer without sometimes, since they're more mature than I am most of the time.

I've been knitting on days that aren't so humid that I can't touch wool. Spinning a little, too. This has been the summer of stocking up on wooly and cloth things. I'm a 'nest-er' in a lot of ways, and fiber stuff buying is how it is manifesting currently. I am feeling the itch to get some canning done.

Parts of the cloth thingy I am making. It's going to be a thin blankie, probably twin sized when it's done. Even if I'm curled up with someone else in bed (kids always end up with me) I don't share well. I need my own blanket to tuck around me.

Old shirts, swap shop finds, a few quilt shop purchases I dyed over, some etsy purchases, a few goodwill shirts. It's soft, and it's lightweight and I like the hand and the texture.

Nicky has a thing for stars. I do, too. For me, they are white and blue dots in the sky and a place keeper for the lost. Wait, that's arrogant. Lost to us. Key ring holders for spirits until we can pass through there ourselves for a quick hello. For N, it's hard telling. He doesn't really talk. But he sings about them and he celebrates them and they bring him a smile.

The stars on this cloth, time- wise, represent more time camping a rare spawn in WoW late at night when I couldn't sleep. Just sitting there, reading stupidly funny things in chat and waiting for this giant mob to spawn so I could kill him and get a mount. I still haven't gotten it but the story is stitched in there.

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