Monday, June 22, 2015

 Obsessive stitching.


Favorite leftovers and getting lost in so so many stitches. I listen to my 'conspiracy' podcasts and videos, camp Poundfist (WoW) and stitch the whole time.

A fragment that looks like stitched death under the shadow of the rosebush. Taken at about 7 am after a rainy night. It was amazing. It's a comfortable day and it's clearing up to be a gorgeous day.

 Close up of an eco print I grabbed off UpCycledArt on Etsy a while back. I don't know how to describe how the resulting fabric feels. It has a firmness and a drape that a heavy flannel shirt would have, but with the cool touch of cotton and the sensory paradise of the bumps and waves of the stitches. I could do this forever. It's ancient, and it's almost timeless; I get lost in time and space when I'm in there.

Making a cameo, a 'thingie' I made a few years ago. I remember it. I took some super soft, old white cotton muslin, hand printed fabric I got at a local fabric shop, and the back is another old fabric, dyed in some indigo wool dye (commercial) I have from about 13 years ago. This is SO soft. Another fragment with the best drape ever. This guy has been bounced around between my arms, the wall, the upstairs closet, the downstairs closet, the kids' rooms... now I think it's going to be part of this blankie I'm making. I used to say that about yarn; it needed time to 'marinate' in my stash before it knew what it wanted to be. Or what I wanted it to be.


 "Rose" bush, I'm coming for you later. Gonna try eco printing!!! And, to stay on subject, a 70's gem from youtube. Heh heh. This exists. :D

Nicky is back at temp res, he's doing a lot better, averaging 1-2 2 min holds per day for aggression. Not bad, really, and the aggressions are less severe. They still hurt though. Got some pretty pinch bruises this weekend. But he was also sick. He was able to use his Nova Chat to tell me how happy he was to be home. Overall it was delightful and I can't wait to snuggle the hell out of him again. I love that boy.

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jude said...

lovely cloth making!