Friday, April 3, 2015

Quickie Blankie and Mom Mending

So now that Nicky's blankie is done, I have to do something else. With the everyday chaos and Little N's worsening symptoms, I felt anxious, myself. I had to do something "fast." So I took what's left of my "hand dyed with kitchen stuff" fabric and I made an almost twin sized quilt with those. I need to thread baste; when I pin baste, I'm always having to move the pins and flatten it down again. I don't get folds in the back but I've found that thread basting is more efficient for me.

The batting is pretty thick, so I don't need to have the quilting super close together. That was the plan initially, to have a kantha- style close quilting rhythm, but this happened and I'm cool with it. (also lazy and the caffeine- high momma bear in me was vibrating when I started, haha.)

Pictured below, the back. I wanted it to be VERY utilitarian feeling and it is. An old flour bag, a feed sack, some modern fabric from my favorite shop, and part of a shirt that never got worn. Yes, I left the pocket on. I may leave Tony notes in it so he can read them and quote them and laugh at me. It's a little bond we have.

I'm going to need smaller projects to work on. I can't seem to do precise like my beautiful friend Deb does but if I paper piece I have better luck. Just need something portable for when I'm on the road.


Mama's little Nicky. 
My poor, sweet little baby.
You're 10 1/2. You're a LITTLE BOY. 
You aren't supposed to live a life of anxiety and anger. But I understand it. 
1300 aggressions yesterday at the temporary residential he's at.
500 grabs, a fixation right now. It gets a reaction.
I think 4-5 holds for the day. And that's with starting the day with valium.
It's gotten so out of hand that this highly regulated place he's at now can't manage him. They WANT to, they love him and they freely admit that, but they can't keep him or themselves safe. He put one in the ER recently and he's hurt a bunch of others. (he's done the same to me, I'm used it, but it's still not ok...) He can't feel good doing what he is doing.
So he's going back to the hospital in Southern Maine devoted to stabilizing kids with autism for ...I'm guessing a few weeks. Two hours south over freeways instead of almost 2 hours north through the woods.

He has a neurology appt on the 15th where I'm going to beg for more imagery, as I have been for years. When he was a toddler, he had imagery done and it was eval'd by two hospitals. One said he had frontal lobe atrophy, the other said he didn't. His behaviors escalating warrant a closer look at that. He appears to have tardive dyskinesia again too, so I want him off the anti psychs if we can safely do so.

If it wasn't for my friends, family, sewing and gaming I'd not be able to function. I don't know how I'm still moving and advocating so hard. And giving doctors the shit I am giving them. And that  principal; she'd better be nicer to him than she came across to me the other day. Then again, I've gone over her head a few times. >.>  (I had to.) And, with my mama bear up sniffing for any sign of anyone being cruel to him (why I went over her head before) I may be getting false alarms.

I love you little dude. I want you home, safe, and happy.

 And as mischievous as you were this particular day.

Troll level: 1000. Trust me, he's a pro. <3 br="">

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