Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nicky's Blan-tee.

Ok so he calls them 'blankies' now. I call them blantees and I probably always will. Like how he would say 'boo' instead of 'blue' and my mother always called chips 'chippie dippies.' 

So. Nicky's blantee, almost done. Home stretch. Started when I was sick, spent 2 separate wks in the hospital with me and a few road trips with the piecing. I sew weird shit. It's just what I do. /flex

Hand piecing is kinda neat. It's a private adventure. Every little stitch is a secret record of anything going on around me, through my head or my heart, through my spirit and the needle and thread.
He's still away in the "temporary" residential but with how aggressive and violent he is I wonder if he'll ever be with us full time again. He's only 10 1/2. He should never have had to go through the hell in his life that he has. Mothers shouldn't, either.

Here's hoping this quilt is stronger than Nicky- not only to keep him comforted but so it can continue to record the private goings on of his spirit, to offer him reflection and predictability and a safe haven. 
...along with the other 6-7 quilts he swiped to take up there with him. Love you, mama's little baby. Forever and ever, I will never leave you. 

Pics taken with my phone, so they aren't 'super' but they served their purpose as memory keepers. 

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