Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A bit of sewing AND spinning! Salvage Quilting?!

Gosh it's been forever. Haven't really wanted to blog since I lost my mother.

Some sewing. Cloth on cloth on cloth. Totally inspired by eclectic quilters, story tellers and other quilters who like to try non traditional sewing. Obviously Miss Jude is on the top of my list. I've taken two of her classes so far and it's like learning a language I've always wanted to learn, but I never new existed. She's amazing, very sweet and very giving.

What I do, I like to think of as 'salvage quilting.'

Holding the top down, the very last layer on the back, unless I find a perfect little scrap or I have to hide some terrible mistake. :x :D

                                  Oh, this is why I gave up on Blogger. Moving pictures... -.-


                                            Then, some spinning. LOTS of spinning.
                               Almost all of it on spindles, but I have used my wheel a bit.

Especially on this monstrosity, three ply yak fiber... Plucked from the devil himself. It's a real bitch to spin. Well, it is if you want it bulky. Or worsted weight. I'm making myself a sweater, rather slowly. It's like picking up an old friend and talking for a while, though. Haven't been able to knit much since a car accident in June but I do work on it here and there. 


Judy Martin said...

just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and also - i am really in love with the quilt you are making in this post.
I read more of your blog posts about your boys and your courage.
best wishes for 2015.

Judy Martin said...

re-visiting today and I want to say that your photos are not coming up. Have you removed them perhaps?

At any rate, thanks for visiting my blog again and I hope everything is going as best as it can with your family.