Monday, October 7, 2013

Socks, done. Handspun, hand knit, two ply. These are for my sister.

Why is it that people used to make quilts and socks and spun yarn and hand dyed in their homes, or their sewing rooms... but now, everyone has a 'studio?' That drives me nuts. And it gives me the giggles. 

Tony wanted "rainbow yarn" at the yarn shop, handspun stuff that is $30/ skein, for a hat. I would have needed two skeins.
I told him to pick out fiber. He picked this roving out. I made this navajo- plied.

 More spinning! This is fiber from a "mutt sheep" on my neighbor's parents' farm. I love it. Cards up into a dense, but light cloud. Hard to explain. I love it, though. I'm using dog brushes to card this because I don't have the heart to spend $80 on carders right now!

Hand dyed by my friend, Kimi, some blue faced leicester. Two plied sampler skein. I can't wait to spin the rest of it up. She dyed some merino for me, too. She's a pro! I'm thinking of using this for a blankie, but I don't know yet what I want to do with it.


Hand spun BFL, single ply, a sweater for Nicky. I'm under no illusions here, this sweater will not last forever and, should I actually finish it (I will), I need to keep Mike's hands off it so it doesn't end up in the wash. He already felted a few pairs of socks and a handspun sweater I made for him before kids. Double edged sword there: a man who willingly does laundry, but felts things. 

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