Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Knitting, Autism

(side note: I really hate the way Blogger does pictures. I don't know why this has to be such a struggle.) 

Well, I guess I'm back to spinning and knitting. Trying to get all the yarn spun and 2- plied for this circular shawl is ........daunting. I'm a 50/50 cross between get up and go, and bone idle. Depends on my mood, and caffeine. (and my thyroid!) But this is why spindles work better than wheels do for me- I can't sit long enough to spin. This fiber is organic merino and it's soft as a cloud to touch- and even sweeter to knit with.

I decided to pick up a sock I was working on last month... I stopped because my elbow was bugging me. It's noro, some sort of silk blend. I usually don't like factory dyed yarn, I prefer to dye my own fiber or yarn and do it all myself, but I needed a treat after having my photo taken at DMV. I needed therapy for that, but I settled for yarn and needles.
 Come to think of it, I STILL need therapy for that. I have my new license hidden behind my old one in my wallet. : )
 This yarn is SO SOFT! Although I doubt I'd work with this yarn again, I know these socks are going to be so comfy. I prefer most of my socks to be a few inches above the ankle, no higher, and no lower than the ankle.

Oh, and apparently my thermos didn't hold my sweet tea too well, because I found my knitting bag had a POOL of it. : / So I had to skein it up, and wash and dry.

At least I can work on it tonight while waiting for Nicky to get out of school. It's an hour drive to get him, and if traffic is bad in Wiscasset, I could be stuck for another 1/2 hour, so I start out early and bring something to work on and listen to. His school is about 90 miles round trip. The new superintendent wants to bus them all together, the three kids who go to that school from this district, to cut costs. I LOVE cutting costs. I don't love how (...) that decision was made. Fortunately, he's going to meet with us next week to hear us out and, if we need to, put together a plan to keep everyone safe. He gets out of his seat and he hits and he throws things in the car. I don't know if it's boredom or attention seeking behavior. But the driver that has been hired didn't allow Tony in the van unless he put his feet down/ not on the seat, so ...how is she going to handle what I know she's up against here? : ) From what I understand, she was otherwise wonderful with the kids. I just didn't get to witness this during pick- up times.

 As of this week, both kids will be receiving in- home therapies to help with life skills. I have tried to do this on my own long enough! I HATE admitting I can't do it myself. I HATE that I couldn't do everything with parenting 'naturally,' from home birth to breastfeeding to the typical life. And before you think, oh what's typical, what's normal? I'm comparing it to what isn't. ; ) I handle a lot of very unbelievable things with a smile, when I'm lucky. But keeping our home upright, our furniture and dishes (and toilets... ) from being broken, and everyone safe, that's clearly not something I (we! sorry, M) can do without therapists to guide the kids.

 Nicky is more verbal than he was just a month ago. Verbal= cursing a bit, too, mindlessly. He's a little grouchy little thing, just like I am, and his grandmother was. He's also mischievous and it's hard to get (or stay) mad at a little rascal with a light as air, hysterical laugh. Even if I have to pull the toilet off the floor to find Henry and Skarloey out of the bottom of it, or paint the walls (you really can't handle that story).

I hope they cure the inability to cope in people with Autism.

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