Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Support Spindles, Light Knitting

Hi! I've missed blogging! Well, except for loading and moving pictures. That is a pain in the bloody ASS.

Camera issues, short people issues, me issues. #1 son keeps breaking or losing the camera, especially if we forgot to hide it. #2 son has whipped into crisis/ severe, destructive and aggressive mode and we're trying to keep him out of the hospital, and work through this with meds and, hopefully, more in- home help soon. I think I'll start blogging about those adventures, soon. You simply wouldn't believe the things he's capable of. But he's my son... my little, precious kiddo who can't help the way his brain is wired. He's my creation and I can't help but to give him everything I have.

 Too heavy for this post. This post is about lightness, actually.

Below, my Tibetan support spindle, with my first support- spun lace yarn on it, made of organic merino roving. Oooh it's like butter on the fingers. There's nothing quite like sitting on my sister's front steps,* spinning away while the kids fight (eek! play, yes that's it, PLAY) in the yard. I'm so used to drop spindles, but this certainly is like learning all over again.

(I'm spinning in this little broken tea cup. I LOVE my black tea cups and there is no way I'm throwing it away, just re-purposing it!)

* = she now has the house we grew up in, so it's always "home"

My Russian is on the left, and my tahkli is on the right. Tahkli is easier because there is a hook but it's still not as easy as a drop spindle. On the Tahkli is camel! Gonna ply that up with another, and then I'll have 2 skeins for a scarf.

Below, my lace shawl! EZ pi shawl with modifications. I think that was the snowflake chart I used there, I did it a year ago and put it away when I got back into quilting. On the TP roll (haha) is a single ply of the yarn I used for this shawl in progress, which is knit with 2 of those strands plied together. It takes a good amount of time to spin enough yarn for a shawl, so I spin- knit- spin- knit. I really enjoy working on this shawl; I made one years ago and it got lost between California and here, on a road trip.

And, while I'm spinning, I can't wait to get knitting on some sort of lace, so I started the same damn shawl using pink alpaca. Ooooh it's so nice to touch. Nicky loves my knitting and quilting, so I'll have to make him something. I'm thinking a crocheted granny square afghan out of handspun, I have so many little bits of the same weight laying around. Just gotta get an appropriate sized crochet hook. He loves to watch me knit. I just made T a quilt a while back, so I guess it's N's turn for something. And I have to make T a crazy hat at some point. He loves those.

^^ Sho sho shoft. Great travel knitting, or "yes I'm sitting in the hallway, yall ain't getting out of bed" knitting.

And, what's this? A sock! Yes, a SOCK. Noro yarn, purchased at our new local knitting shop in town. Really  nice place, REALLY great ladies working there. They didn't mind T's energy, awesome people. So now I have a fantastic quilting shop and a fantastic knitting shop in town. 

Silk and wool, but it was cheaper than super processed sock yarn. Go figure. I win!

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