Monday, November 7, 2011

New crafties

I'm also playing with dividers. : )

I made this a while back, about the time mom was passing:

The spirals coincide with my whole life spinning out of control. As did the back:

Now, it's nearly all bound in bright red, and I'll post when it's finished!

I had this stored in a bag over most of the summer, and now there's a spot of what looks like mold (WTF!?!) on the blue part of the quilt. How can I get that off? Or should I just throw a patch over it? I just started working on this again. I don't have a functional frame right now, so I drape it over a chair and sew that way. I don't like to have it on my lap.

This is the new guy, all hand stitched, and it will be hand quilted for my BIL for Christmas. Like he deserves it. Hah. But I know he'll love it. I love working on this one and I can't wait to get to the quilting stage!
Also, I wish that bush would stay red all year.

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Deborah said...

Your work is beautiful. I love the spirals. I'm so sorry about your mom.