Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life- Spinning- The Dramas

The spinning part: Below, 4 skeins of spindle spun coopworth fiber, 2- ply. I need to pick up more of this. I want to make myself a sweater out it. But unless I buy some more fiber, I will have to make Nicky another vest instead! This fiber is really inexpensive (just over $10 for the 6 oz. in the picture) and $27/ lb, and yet it's so soft, easy to spin, and I can handle having this next to my skin. Well, I wear tank tops under everything, year round... I spun this to a worsted, almost aran- weight yarn, and I think it's around 500 yards. I'll need another lb and a half of fiber to make myself a sweater, with some left over.

I was thrilled to dye up some merino again. I still have some white merino roving left over for even MORE playing! I don't know how much I've dyed so far- I didn't weigh anything, but I think each roving below is about 4 oz. One is vibrant, and one is mellow. I'm sure I'll have these spun soon (yeah I say that NOW...) into yarn for hats, mittens, and socks for winter.

Oh yes! And I'm turning this:

Into THIS! I love the bright yellow. Got this from Spunky Eclectic about 1.5 hrs down the coast.
It's been sitting in the closet for over a year, marinating. Now it's going to be sock yarn for Nicky, because he loves yellow. Or "yewwow," rather.

A shawl, out of my thicker handspun. Well, all except that yellow and blue bit, that was hand dyed for some wool pants by someone else during my cloth diapering days. I'm pretty sure Tony is going to steal this to use as a blankie. Each one of those yarns holds memories for me, and they all feel wonderful.

And there's this: some socks for Nicky out of this, which I spun up single ply. I wondered the whole time I was spinning this fiber... is it ever gonna soften up? Well, once it was washed and knitted, it bloomed.

Life and dramas: Mother is in the hospital, we took her up a few times in the past week for an illness that won't go away. Well, they decided to keep her, at least until Friday. They found a large dark mass near her kidney on an MRI. She's handling it well, for now. She had a biopsy today and we'll have the results by Friday. I'm scared. I lost my father nearly 13 years ago. We almost lost ma a few yrs ago, when she had a screwed up surgery and she was airlifted to another hospital. (She has the WORST luck with surgeries.) I actually thought last night, sitting next to her, that I'd go in her place, and she could live here a while longer. I guess I'm too chicken to face what might happen. When Mike's parents passed (f: leukemia, and m: cancer, a month after his father) it was like two sucker- punches in the stomach. I was there for his father's passing, we both held his hand.

Anyway! Please pray that she'll be alright, and that I'm just being the queen of over-reacting. We haven't been super close, but we have our own bond...

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