Monday, May 9, 2011

A bit of quilting...

And a bit of gardening! I got the jungle underway, lots of tomato plants and seedlings going. Carrots, flowers, peas, cucumbers, and zucchini so far. And strawberries!

And these guys, left over from last year. What are they?!!

Mostly, in blog- land, I have read and commented on other blogs...
But I have done *some* quilting.

Jess runs on dunkin. But I tell a lie, because there is tea in that cup.
I started quilting a square in the middle and it grew from there. I thought that would be a great way to tie all the pieces together. It's almost done, and I think I can get the binding sewn on by tonight, and tacked down this week.

I've been busy with the kids and their schools (not all good!) but it seems like everything is settling down. Nicky started in home services a few weeks ago: for 4 hrs (it was 5) on Saturdays, he has a 1:1 for behavior modification. I hope we'll see some improvements soon. His behaviors aren't as frequent, but they're far more intense. We've altered his meds, too, and he's sleeping better, so we've seen *some* improvements with how quickly he gets pissed off. Fortunately, he'll have programming all summer (school and in- home) so I'm hopeful we won't see much regression.

During all of this, I've been in a pretty nasty creative rut. I worked on a doll, but I cast it aside in frustration and I haven't gone back. I've been pouring over very old quilts, some trips to the antique shops locally, and some Gee's Bend inspiration, and I feel like I'm ready to quilt again.

- jess

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Deborah said...

Impressive garden and quilt! I'm glad you're back to quilting. It can be so relaxing.