Friday, April 15, 2011

Sewing and Quilting

That quilt top that I had pinned up at the window forever, trying to figure out the next move...

Well, the next move is to quilt it. :)

So I pinned it out (which I need to re-do, because the back is bunched in the middle, dammit.) and it's folded and ready to go, after I finish the wall hanging.

THIS wall hanging. It's a quickie log cabin deal, navy blue and red. I couldn't, for the life of me, get the colors to show up in lamp light. Meh. But here it is. Man, am I out of practice with hand quilting. I forgot to iron the seams open so I wouldn't have to stab through them.
But it's still therapeutic as heck and I need that right now. (school dramas)

And I made some bags. This one is from a feedsack quilt top I got locally (for less than $10, if I remember right) that I couldn't salvage. It's a cute little thing.

More bags! The one on the left was a 'cloth' I put together a year ago. It had to marinate in the quilting cabinet until it, in part, became a bag. There is a bag of rice in it. :) On the left is from the same quilt top as above... and it's holding popcorn. I needed an excuse to display these, what can I say?

Numbah one son, lovin' the jammies his momma made him. :)

Both kids are doing pretty well in school, and Nicky finally has therapy in home on Saturdays, and after school during the week. I am SO hoping these therapies will help with his very difficult behaviors. I mean, the behaviors are diminishing somewhat (I don't have broken glass everywhere now) but they're still there (because now I have sugar and cereal everywhere). Also, the screaming. OMG. We're finding that he has issues with overstimulation (in some ways) and that he needs someone on his butt all the time keeping him busy, or he goes rogue on us. ;) But now that we're finding the problems, it's just a matter of finding the solutions.

So, life's pretty good. :D

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Deborah said...

Looks like he's gotten taller since the last photo. It's a great picture. I love the bags!