Friday, February 4, 2011

Squares on the hopper.

This is an antique, un-used (thank goodness) 'hopper.'
Great place to model the postage stamp quilt. There are more of these patches. The cut size is about 2". It's going to take a while. This should be a full- queen size when it's done.
But I do love working on it. I've been reading up on precision with those little corners lining up, so I hope I see even more progress in my work with that.

I've been calling this one my 'door quilt' lately, because that's where I have it pinned up most of the time. With the dump-em-out, drag-em-down, smash-em-up kid, it's kind of hard to have a design wall. Maybe when he starts going for longer days at school, I'll have a design wall I can roll up when he's home.

Tony! This is probably going on the left, once I get some more pieces on the bottom of the Tony piece.

Haha 'Nilky.' Supposed to be 'Nicky.' He recognized his name, so I might say screw it and leave it as is. He loves this block.
What is special about the houses and those blocks down bottom is that I hand sewed those when he was in the hospital... in fact, I think I sewed all of them when we were staying overnight in Portland.
Making the 'y's is a real pain in the ass. I need to find a better way.

I pillow I made, just because I needed something perky to look at with all the snowfall.


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Deborah said...

I'm so impressed by how much you are able to accomplish while being a great mother to two active little boys!