Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Knitting and Sewing and Autism.

And Tony's tree.

We call it Tony's tree because he's the one who plugs it in every day. A friend gave this to us around Christmas.
It's still flourishing! I unplug it every night, and Tony plugs it in every morning. It's a wonderful ritual. I love his dedication to Christmas- he is unwilling to let it go this year.

It's been really, really cold here, and I found my way to the knitting basket, where I had stashed the most perfect, single ply, hand dyed + spun on a spindle yarn for little kids' mittens. So that's just what I'm doing. It's roughly a worsted, and I'm using size 4 dpn's and this pattern. You may have to scan down to see the pattern. I love this one, and not only because they support autism. I managed to copy + paste the file, along with the pic, to put on my BB so I can take the pattern everywhere without printing it. This is great, since I don't have a working printer, haven't for about a year, and I won't till this weekend. ;)

^^^The burgundy/ gray yarn on the left is for the tops of the mittens and the thumbs if I run out of the blue-green-yellow yarn.
I can't tell you how much I've missed knitting.

Part of the quilt that I can't wait to finish so I can move on already. This part is for Nicky's patch.

Part of Tony's patch for the quilt. I love the red fabric with the white circles. I really need to get more. I have some in baby blue.


He's going to a special school now, and he's progressing. He'll be going till 4:30 pm soon for life skills therapies. He's talking more. EVERYONE says he's a very bright kid, and they see real promise in him.

The only problem is when he doesn't have school on a particular day- like today, because he had a dr's appt. OMG it's hell. He smashed my last ceramic mixing bowl. He screams and whines a lot. Right now, he's irritated with me because I won't let him take off my shirt to put on one he would prefer me to wear. haha. I am going to have to go out and buy tin baking pans and bread pans and mixing bowls till this phase passes. I keep feeling like it's just not fair- I shouldn't have to do that- I should have the beautiful cookware I want... but shit happens, that's life.

I just keep praying for the patience to get through it all. I wonder how other parents with a kid with this level of need function...

On a positive note: he IS talking more, and he's asking for quite a bit of what he wants. And Tony, omg that kid. He's talking so much now. As with his brother, everyone is thrilled with Tony's progress. I see a great future for him, as well.

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