Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finished Fair Isle Hat.

I boogied on this to get it done. I really wanted to move onto the socks that I'm making for my sister.

And I have to admit, I loved working on this hat. I may make another, soon.

^^^ I still have to re-block that part... after I switched to dpn's, I knit a bit too tightly.

I haven't made a pom pom for it, either... I probably will.

Male model! I love the hat.

I've got the socks cast on now; I had to play around with the colors, because I didn't have them all in my stash and this yarn isn't readily available in my neck of the woods anymore. I don't think J&S yarn is even sold in Maine anymore. I have a knitpicks order out, and I can't wait to get that. SERIOUSLY can't wait, which is why I cast these on.

I was so hooked on sewing and quilting just a month ago, as I had been for about a year... I remember telling people that I couldn't imagine knitting again. I'd knit a row and pull it all out because I couldn't stand to work on it. But now, I don't feel like sewing at all, unless it's mending- type stuff... I only want to knit, fair isle.

You gotta do what you WANT to do sometimes.

- jess


Deborah said...

This is just gorgeous!

Gail :) said...

What a GREAT hat! I LOVE how long it is. Looks good on your model too ;)
*my word verification for this comment is skips! I would definately be skipping wearing a spiffy hat like this one ;)

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

So cute!