Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fair isle.

Meh. I like to be underfoot. Mike's trying to work on a radio, so I threw this on top and took a pic.

I really don't think he even noticed.

This is the beginnings of a Fair Isle Hat that I've wanted to make since I first saw her working on this in our local *now gone... sob. :/* yarn shop. It is so beautiful. I so hope this hat looks as good as the original when it's done. It's so fun to work on, except that I can't wait to get past the purling, because just knitting (even two color) has a more pleasing rhythm, in my opinion.
But the purling effect is worth the prettiness. :)

I also finished these for Tony. He was a trooper about trying these on- he even could tell they were mittens when all I had was a cuff. He loves his momma's mittens- and for that, he gets to stay in the will. :)

Quick post, off to figure out this blackberry/ pdf nonsense.

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Deborah said...

Great patterns! I can't knit anything other than straight lines.