Monday, January 10, 2011

Wake up and smell the hexies!

I missed my Hexies. :D

Also, I keep calling them hexagrams instead of hexagons. I'd call that a Tony-ism. He gets it from his grandmother. Haha.

^^^ Don't you just love that owl at the bottom? He's a crabby pants, just like me. I love the VW van, too. I was at my friend's house and she just had that in her pile... I gasped, she gave it to me, I kept telling her how rare they are, she didn't care. I love that woman, and for more reasons than just that. ;)

Below: Hexagons from this year on the left, from last year on the right. SO glad I found those the other day. Never, ever put something someplace 'safe.' Safe= you'll only find it by Murphy's Law. Like when you start a new project. The big ones are 1", so I think the little ones are 3/4-1/2." I think the little hexies will be a lap-quilt sized blankie, and the big one will *hard swallow* be a twin sized quilt. M and I sleep with our own twin sized quilts, because he's a blanket hog and I like tucking the blanket under me on one side. (I also like rolling a blanket up between us in the middle of night, but there is a very valid reason for that, lol.)

A close-up, where you can see my stitches. I know I have some work to do on consistency with those whip stitches, but I still love them. And I love that black and white print next to the light blue there.

Random shot: my 'design window' when I had no other place to hang this up. The wall? Sure, if Nicky didn't tear it down. This is held up with safety pins when it's up, and Nicky leaves it alone.

He's a heck of an artist... sometimes I'll sit at the machine, and he'll hand me a piece of fabric to sew (immediately!) and tell me, "blan-tee, sew." We've come up with interesting combos. He loves to watch me sew, and I love including him. He also likes to watch me do my hair, and he screams if I don't blow- dry his already dry hair. He wants me to straighten his hair, too, but his hair isn't long enough. haha.

He just started his first day of school today at the new school in Bath. What a nice wake-up call that was. WTF. I get up at 6:15 and both boys were still asleep. Not freaking fair. His transition into the school was AWESOME... I have a great deal of faith in his 1:1 tech today, just based on the 4 minutes I was talking to her. Nicky started up the stairs on his own and she stopped mid-sentence to tell him to wait, and carried on. It's hard to explain, but I like the way she handles him. I can't wait to hear about how his day went! It's an hour away, and we JUST got back at 9:15, took T to school, came home... I have to leave at 12:45-ish to get him so I can get T in time. I can't wait till the transportation dept for our district gets his drive down organized. His principal locally, bless him, and the special ed director for the district are on it. They have been phenomenal throughout it all... seriously. I hear about other peoples' struggles with autism and the schools, and these guys have helped above and beyond. They ask about him at the local school every day. :)

coffee time,

- jess


ArtSparker said...

Just catching up here - this year, I notice a number of peoples' posts don't appear in my dashboard for several days. Sounds like you are busy and things are under control. Happy New Year!

Deborah said...

Looks great!