Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thrifty Blues...

Two pairs of very worn out shorts that even the swap shop would probably throw out + how much I love Boro = this!

Taken late at night, the only time I can get any pictures taken around here during vacation!

A bag I made quickly one night out of a linen calendar from the '70's and what I could salvage off a quilt made in the 60's. That quilt, I love... so many little feedsack prints in there.

And, I'm trying my hand at these again. My favorite is the top right block. Nicky keeps handing me pieces and saying, 'BLAN-tee...'

Well, off to make play dough with the boys.

The next part isn't me bitching, as much as it is journaling- I want to be able to look back and see our progress/ what works/ what hasn't.

We're really struggling with Nicky since he came home, but I'm trying to focus on the good moments. He's really impulsive. I took him to the grocery store yesterday, and I was holding his hand the whole time, and he nearly knocked over a bottle of wine... tried to knock over everything, wanted to watch the doors open and shut. LOTS of screaming. He hits, but mostly he's destructive. He's broken at least three glass items a day since he came home- anything from mason jars to candles. I absolutely don't know what to do- even if I forced him to engage with me every moment, he'd attack me. If I give him freedom, he's destructive. (although, he does break things to get our attention/ try to get his own way. Doesn't work.) Can't take him out, can't keep him in.

We're going tomorrow morning to check out his (hopefully) new school that is one hour away. My concern is how he'll be in the car- he will clearly need a 5 pt harness AND an ed tech (along with the driver) for the ride down. We have to pull over 3 or so times on a 1 hr trip to get him buckled back in. He screams, hits, throws things... if you give him a drink, he'll dump it out.

On the positive, he's sarcastic as hell and I have to watch what I say. He doesn't often talk spontaneously- but when he does, it's quite funny. He'll say, 'OH Gawd' if we get stuck at a red light. If he does something naughty, like dumping out the last of my Dunkin coffee (he's out of the will for that), he'll get my attention to his mis-deed by saying, 'Oh no, NITTY.... OH no....'
But he does help cleaning and cooking. :) And he loves quiet time before bedtime. AND his toileting is improving.

Throughout all of this, Tony has been pretty good. He thoroughly drank in the holidays and he's a Christmas lover. He knows about (but probably doesn't understand) Jesus, and Santa.

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