Friday, January 7, 2011

Hey, whatcha got in the basket?

Hexies. 1." ::love:: WHY didn't I think about this a few months ago? All those trips to southern Maine, I could have been working on these in the car. I ordered some fabric from Kerri and I'm going to make another one very soon. I've been digging through my stash for little favorites that won't fit anywhere else. I love, love, love hexies. Although I am kind of irritated that I can't find the hexies I was working on over the summer... I'd put them aside to wash the container they were in, and now I'm afraid they got tossed or something. NOOO!

Well anyway, dig these hexies.

I love each and every one of them. I want to throw in some white to "clean" up the look a bit- and to separate some of the prints so I can appreciate each of them more.

I love the fishies. I love the yogas- especially because they're on purple... although if they were on red, I'd melt. The winter scenes remind me of my favorite Wysocki puzzle... that doggie reminds me of a quilt I made for Tony... the green one with the trees makes me think of the Maine woods and lumberjacks... OWLS! I just love them all.

- jess

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Deborah said...

I clicked to enlarge and you've got some great designs on those hexies. Looking forward to seeing how it comes together.