Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hexies and Kiddies.

Busy times!

I haven't had the kind of time to devote to sewing that I'd like, but I did have one whole evening at the machine, and I should be able to tonight. My hexies, I've been drooling over, but I haven't worked on due to the damn tummy virus. I'm glad it was short lived in the youngest, and that the oldest didn't get it at all.

The 'poverty patch.' But I had to use that doggie and there wasn't enough of him to use elsewhere. I think I'm in love with this kind of thrift.

The bigs and the littles. The upside down row is coming off tonight. :x

I know damn well that's a lobster on the left there, but I can't help but think about Mr. Krabbs when I see him.

That butterfly... Or as the kids would say, babafly... I can't remember where he came from, maybe an old 'quilt' I tried to make for the kids when they were born.

Nicky: wild times, really glad we're driving him to school. I don't think a cab driver could put up with him in the car... he goes to school an hr away, and he kicks and screams frequently during the trip. But he loves school, and he loves coming home. It's a perfect fit for him, lots of ABA all day. He'll be starting extended school hours soon (special therapy for after school!!!) and I know he'll love it. He's starting to talk/ converse more now, too- and not just old-man style cursing! :D

I wish that I would have been given more patience when I was given this guy... I love him so much. He is big on property destruction and screaming (for sensory) and it's difficult to keep my cool all the time. I'm grateful that his auntie, my sis, asks frequently to take him. I usually say no but I may start saying yes. ;) They're very close.

.....but there is nothing, nothing he can do during the day that can't be melted from my memory and my nerves by curling up with him at 7:30 at night, and watching him smile while his eyes fight the losing battle to stay open... and his requests for the 'good night, Nicky' song, which must be sung off key and with his dada's lyrics.

(He's about to carefully pick a few plastic ornaments to bounce down the tiled hallway.)

I don't have a good recent (mostly clothed, even) picture of Tony, so here's an old- school one, from our old apartment, probably 4 years ago. (Absolutely No. Way.) Him was mad. :/ haha.

Tony is talking a ton now, too. Still addicted to Tak 2 on his gameboy, still likes to hijack our computer, loves Scaredy Squirrel. (although he calls him Scaredy Squirtle. :) He still has a lot of love and support and friendship at school, and he's moving forward academically in most ways. I think he's going to need a 1:1 for a few more years, at least, but his 'symptoms' of autism seem to be fading- great thanks to everyone who has helped him!

- Jess

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Deborah said...

Of course we love them no matter what they do. It looks like you're having fun with the hexies!