Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fingerless gloves and Hexies.

Well, I guess I CAN still knit!!!

I'm making fingerless gloves, using some really nice, soft tweed yarn from the local shop (lost the wrapper in the last 1/2 hour while chasing Nicholas) and size 8 dpn's. I cast on 36 sts, and it's going to fit somewhat snugly, so it might just go over my sweater sleeves. I don't do coats unless I have to, I wear vests.
This will be fun to work on while I'm (*trying*) to get the kids to bed. If I don't stay upstairs, they come back down. I'm at the point where I can sit in the stairway and keep telling them to go back to their rooms... problem is, Nicky keeps stomping and hitting the walls, and we have neighbors. ::smh::

Little bitty hexies... on my favorite sweater. I've evened up the sides, and now I'm going to work in strips till it's the size I want. I really love working on this thing... great way to use up those super tiny scraps I can't use anywhere else.

I love the fwoggie. And the seahorses.

BIG hexies! My 1"- ers. (feels weird to say big 1"...) I've been adding more hexagons to the basket, but I haven't worked on this one much, not like the little one. I plan to rectify that at some point today.

...gonna try the bottom recipe tonight: sour apple cake. The recipe is easily older than my grandmother, and possibly older than my great grandmother, who was born around the 1880's. And it's a Maine recipe. For me, that makes it so much more special!

Off to keep up on Nicky!

- jess

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Deborah said...

Those are going to be nice gloves!