Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is up next?

"Hello? Yeah, I'm home. I can smell you, but I can't hear you. Ok, well come on over at 10 and we'll trash the place."

Nicky is HOME! He came home on Monday, and his staff were visibly sad to see him go. We'll miss them, because they've become a part of our family over the past few months.

His anxiety is almost gone (his med adjustments will be ongoing) and his behaviors are exactly as they were before. At the hospital, they couldn't do time outs, but I sure as hell can, and they're working for the 'property destruction.' Also, it took him knocking over the tree and smashing the bulbs in the hallway about 7-10 times before I figured that he needed to get his fix somehow, so I took most of the remaining (and unbreakable!) bulbs off the tree, placed them in an old wooden cheese box, and he can throw those down the hall all he wants, but he has to clean them up. It's working out well.

We're still 'in the works' on this, but it looks like he's going to a super special school for autism next month. The upside is that it's specialized, the schoool district pays for transportation (or provides it), and there is an after school 'section 28' program that we can't get where we live due to staffing. The downside is that it's an hour away, and he won't be him etill about 5:30 each afternoon if we go with that extra program. If we don't, the district has to come up with two rides, since there is another kid who he'll be riding with. Also, they'll need a 1:1 to travel with him because he acts up in the car.

Anything to help my baby love... we're blessed that our special ed director is doing so much to help him right now. It's a love/ hate relationship with the school; but in the end, they do try so hard to help. When I hear the horror stories of other schools out of state, I am soooo grateful.

I've had this sitting around since I finished it- or, rather, ran out of that batik. It could be a stroller or carseat blankie or a doll quilt for a wee one, or a wall hanging. I don't want to do conventional quilting with this, I already know that.

Well, that's pretty much it. Gonna start plugging away again on the postage stamp quilt, and I want to work on a 'liberated quilting' type twin sized quilt with large trees and a cabin. That's been floating around my head for a bit and I want to try it.

I did finish the denim quilt, risking life, limb, and sanity (and blood!) to get it done in time for Jen's Christmas present. I know she'll love it. I also finished the penny rug for ma. No pics, I finished at 2 am and I was too tired/ didn't give a shit. You know how it is. :D

- jess

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