Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black and blues...

Hey, it's a Jess- funny!
I looked at the oven clock yesterday afternoon, Mike was out shopping with my mother, and I panicked. "OH MY GOSH, It's 4 pm! He hasn't gotten Tony yet!" Yes. 400*. ::bashful::

Still working on that denim/ black quilt! The quilting is by hand, and it's taking a long time. But I LOVE getting lost in these stitches. With everything going on right now, mainly with Nicky and his school and care, weaving that needle in and out has become a mantra. Well, that and yoga. ;)
This is somewhere between a couch quilt and a twin sized quilt. I didn't measure it, I just made sure the corners lined up. Haha. I'm making it for Jen (sister) for Christmas. I'm using blue on the blue, and black on the black... their paths may cross here and there. Ahh, no pattern, no problems. :D

You know what gets the fuzzies offa black? Duct tape.

The resulting fabric has a great feel to it... it's soft, but it's sturdy, and it has a nice sensory component on the fintertips.

I caught this in the mirror earlier... overcast day, with very light snow earlier. Hi, tree!

Another little passion: postage stamps. Before sewing, the squares were 1.5." I am very much hoping my patience holds out for this to be a twin sized quilt. I've been very careful with the seams and, for the most part, my pointies line up!

We thought he was coming home Friday. Well, today they decided that it would be best to keep him for another week- so he'll get out Wednesday of next week. I told them that's the limit- he's out for Christmas. They agreed. His aggressions and emotional dysregulation fired back up this week. It just about killed me to leave him earlier. When he comes home, he's going to go to school, very likely, at a place called Merry Meeting, which is a private school for kids with autism. Even the local private autism school isn't hardcore enough for him. :/ MM is an hour away. Gaaaah.
- jess


Deborah said...

Both of these quilts are looking great! Also love your tree! I hope things get better with Nicky and that he is able to be with you for Christmas.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Jess Sweetie...
Love the quilts, oh my gosh how beautiful they are. You have such wonderful talents sweet friend.

I will be sending some special prayers for Nicky. I know that every day must be a challenge for you sweet friend. We will pray that the school will come quickly and help will be found there. What an everyday/every second challenge for you. I pray for strength for you sweet friend. How can a place work without (time out)?

2011 is going to be a magical year for us all. Good things are coming Jess. Many hugs and much love, Sherry