Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lots of piecing, lots of color.

I keep picturing this little village in the middle of the woods... so I'm going to try to make it. The houses are going around the brown square... then woods behind that, then some sky with stars... not totally sure what's going on the brown. Maybe gardens, that they all share.

These random (I detest the word wonky. I also detest the word mucus.) log cabin type squares are putting a big smile on my face. It's so much fun! And as long as you square-up before and after the last borders, everything is going to fit! This is going to be a lap quilt for the couch. The fabrics came from everywhere.

**I did not make this.** But I am going to make some similar dealies like this- like a moon and stars for Nicky's room, and an American Flag for Tony's room... I saw this heart at TJ Maxx and I had to have it. :D

This one has been sitting around for ...about a year, I guess. I add to it when I feel like it. I love having things like this I can add to over time; it is building such a history.