Friday, November 12, 2010


Tony, get off the computer. It's mama's turn!!!
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I keep ending up with bits and pieces, which I love. I layed them out, played around with how I wanted the middle strip to lay, and here it is. On my design wall, even. ::haha:: My 'design wall' is some batting duct taped to a big closet door. It worked well. : D Some of these came from a swap, some from quilt shops, some as a gift, some from Jo Ann's. It's a really small quilt- probably too big for a wall quilt, but too small for a lap quilt- but it's fun and it's a jumping point. The next one will have a color theme.

This feels more natural to me... I don't follow rules well, and I don't care if things line up. That's not to say that I don't take pride in the work- I don't want to do things traditionally, is all.
I can't look at the print on the left and NOT think of the Monty Python intro...

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