Tuesday, November 16, 2010

is playing

"Design Wall" = duct taping nice soft cotton batting to the closet door and the inside of the closet, then using a few pins to keep the batting attached to the duct tape.
Hey, when I close the door, I can keep it up, I just have to stick a pin in the blocks. It's cool, it's cool.

Anyway, I've developed a fondness for stahs. I get it from Nicholas. I also have a REAL love for liberated quilting... grab some tea and hit that term in google, then in yahoo images. :D I quit at page 15!

More of the same. I love nine patches, too; always have. That tree up there, I couldn't get a decent shot of the colors... it's pretty close to the color in this picture below, though. I like how 'sticky' the batting is with the fabric, because it gives you the chance to move things where you want them.

The color is way off- cloudy day here- but that's the form.

Also hit the antique store with Mike to wander around... found that mirror and this little round box for next to nothing. I didn't go in there with the intention to buy anything, but these go for a lot more than the $9-$10 I paid. I also got a decent sized 'dime bag' of fabric squares (less than 5" each, easily) for less than $2 and a good sized feed sack bag for a couple of dollars.

A stash quilt. Well, from my stash and one of my buddy's stashes. This is maybe 30"x 30" and it's going to be a quilt in the car project. All these trips south, I need something to do. And, the kids are always grabbing a blankie this size for the car.

Nicky update:
Seriously, one day we think he's all better and then the next, it's rough. We talked to them on Sunday and he was having a rough day, so I got in the car myself and made the 2 hr drive (in an hour in half...) to spend time with him. He had over 200 behaviors before I got there, and one behavior for the 2 hrs I was with him.
I'm taking today off, and I did yesterday, from driving down. I need the physical and mental break... and, it's rough on Tony. We are heading down tomorrow when Tony gets out of school.
It's looking like he won't actually be home for Thanksgiving, but who knows. I will take him out by Christmas; I don't know how much longer I can be without him. I love that little melon head with the huge eyes. I crave snuggling him in my arms and watching him fall asleep. I miss his shenanigans, even having acrylic paint on the floors and the spice cabinet dumped in Tony's room, and the pantry emptied in HIS room... the floods... lol.
When I walk in, he doesn't even acknowledge me... but if I'm not there, or I leave, he is pissed. It was interesting to learn that about him... he does feel, and he does understand, but he doesn't show...


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