Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aww screw it.

I didn't use the 'f' word but I was thinking it.
I got SO ticked that I couldn't make anything work. I love checkers/ squares... 9 patches... contrast. But it wasn't working.
After bitching and moaning to Silent Mike on the drive to see Nicky about it, I shut up. (should I bring out the smelling salts?) I kept thinking... what do I love... screw what I think I SHOULD do... what would I like to see on a bed?
(heh heh. Yep, that too...)
BLACK. Denim. Dark... but with a few highlights. Oh yeah, and I wanted that turquoise piece.

At midnight, the colors weren't quite right. ;)
Left: spring green. Right: black, and two denims.

This is the whole piece as of this moment. I doubt I'll do any more sewing tonight... I HAVE to stay up because I'm mental and I started making bread too late. I'm only making one loaf since I'm down to one pan. It would seem one of the children planted something outside in my other pan. ^5 Nicky, way to go. The other dough bundle will go in the fridge tonight and I'll bake it tomorrow morning.

I know this picture below makes the quilt all early '90's but that'st he same green, black and denim as above. And the greenish piece, that's my favorite turquoise piece. I need to get more of that stuff!!!

Nicky update:
Had a meeting yesterday at the hospital. It has not ceased to touch my heart how attached they are to him. That isn't supposed to happen, and they admit it, but they can't resist him. They are so caring with him... all of them are nurturing to him. I couldn't be more blessed, considering. Anyway, he's going to stay there for a while longer. :/ They're adjusting meds and plans... he's using a super talker, which is a voice output device. We took him for a really long ride today and he didn't have any behaviors, but he was a crabby pants... turns out, he woke up at 4 am and he was rather tired.

Tony has done so much talking lately, he has amazed me. He now asks for things he doesn't see frequently, and asks for people or to do things with people he hasn't seen in a few days. We took him to Jo Ann Fabrics earlier, and he loves the holiday stuff. He grabbed a Santa hat and said, 'I want Santa Claus, please.' EVERYONE in that aisle got soft on him. :o)

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ArtSparker said...

I like those Mondrian quilts - the minimal colors on the dark ground are like fluting notes in stillness.