Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back to knitting

Just in time for fall... this has been the steamiest, nastiest summer I can remember. I can't stop thinking about the Gulf, and the abortion of justice surrounding that... the media blackout, what will happen as a result of the spill and the cleanup... sadness in the neighborhood... but also camraderie, which makes it all so bearable.

The kids are fine, Nicky finally has in-home behavioral support, although it was not at all what I was thinking it would be. This seems like a super low level Big Brother/ sister kind of thing. But we're also just starting, I'll give her a chance. She's a really nice, interesting lady.

I haven't been willing to quilt. I wanted to spin. It's a phase, and when I'm in a particular phase, it's hard to believe it'll ever pass.

I've spun yarn for kids mittens. See?

And I've spun yarn for a shawl. This is organic merino (ok there's a few yards of targhee/ merino in there because I was playing...) 2-ply, laceweight. Almost cobweb, but not quite. I spun it on a lightweight spindle, because I feel like I have a lot more control with a spindle. I'm primitive like that. My friend has my wheel, I just can't bond with it.

My cherished yarn, on my favorite table:

It's difficult to take a good picture of lace while it's being knitted, especially if it's being knit into a circle. When lace is finished being knit, it is wet blocked- washed, then stretched a little and pinned. So this is just a taste of what it's going to look like.

Trying to s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out a bit.

Now that the weather has cooled off for a few days, I can cook again. I am wearing a sweater right now. It feels fantastic. I baked a 'quick' white bread last night and it's almost gone already... also made chicken with goat cheese and peaches, very very good stuff.
This isn't fancy at all, but I take a skinless/ boneless breast, put plastic wrap (or a baggie because I don't always forget when I run out of plastic wrap) over the chicken, and pound the hell out of it. Then I remove the plastic (as it doesn't bake well) and I spread herbed goat cheese on it. Want to stretch the cheese out a bit? Add a little olive oil (like a teaspoon) and your own herbs if it's plain. You just need a thin layer, but more is great. Roll it up like a cinnamon roll, place it in a pyrex dish that has a little water on the bottom. Like not even enough to cover the bottom.
Now, you can either spread peach/ apricot jam on the top, or pour sliced peaches over the top.
REALLY good served with spinach (barely wilted), white rice (plain!!!) and homemade bread.
My new favorite quickie type thing is similar to jambalaya but without the seafood. I take leftover white rice, and leftover meats- chicken, kielbasa, whatever... I usually toss the chicken in lemon or lime juice. I put all this in a big skillet. I add a 16 oz can (or two) of diced tomatoes with chiles and about a cup or so of corn and/ or peas. Real versatile. Once everything has jived, I shred some cheese over the top and I stir it in. Even better as leftovers!
- jess


Anonymous said...

the chicken dish sounds YUMMY! The yarn is beautiful! Glad the boys are doing good. (hey follow me, I started blogging again)

Deborah said...

The lace is gorgeous! It looks so difficult. Sounds like a great chicken dish.