Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too hot

It's too hot to knit. Too hot to quilt and to run the iron. We have been at the beach as many days as possible. Even right now, we've finally got a decent thunderstorm going. It's about time!
Summer is for cross stitching. :D

...and sometimes for spinning. This is hand dyed, etsy cashmere-merino. I can't tell you how much I love this stuff. I'm going to 2- ply it and, ideally, make myself a shawl out of it. I think this stuff 2- plied at this weight would be about fingering/ sport weight, and I have 4 oz, I think I can make a go of it.

The doll is bald, just like Mike. Going to order some hair, I think, because I can't find doll parts around here. I made a wire armature for the inside of the body, and I love being able to position this doll. I can't wait to get this tut, either this week or next. Making doll clothing is fun, but it takes a lot of re-doi'ing to make it just right. I am going to probably re-do the skirt, because I want 2 layers and becasue it's falling off her. She needs to binge on polyfil and beef up.

Okay, so I did *some* quilting. On the machine, even. I got this super soft batting at a not so local quilt shop... It is so cuddly soft and I will have a hard time letting this quilt go. Maybe I won't. Heh. I don't have that plate that I need for the machine to do curved quilting, but I'm not a huge fan of stippling anyway. I tried it once and it came out terrible, and I didn't have fun doing it. I'm sure I'll try again sometime.

- jess

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