Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brotherly Love

Sometimes Tony loves Nicky a lot. Of course, this kiss came after he was choking Nicky with both hands. (What, don't your kids play rough, too?) They have both enjoyed one another's company more lately... early on with these guys, they wouldn't acknowledge one another's existence. One doesn't seem to care when the other has gone on a store run with dada but they can be sweet. Sometimes, Tony will hit Nicky in the back and say, 'I'm sorry...' but you can tell Tony plotted it all out ahead of time. Nicky doesn't usually care. You could shoot a cannon over that kid's head and he wouldn't flinch.

Lovies. :)

I can't seem to get motivated lately. I spend WAY W-A-Y too much time cleaning. Running the vac, the wet vac, washing dishes, the bathrooms, occasionally the bedrooms... Nicky's in-home worker is here 11 hrs a week so I feel like I'm entertaining... Not a lot of solid sit-down time for creativity. I get a few minutes here and there between crashes and whines but not as mucha s I'd like. And we had 2 weeks of summer school- 2 hrs a day for 10 days. ::shakes head:: It's a good thing we do academics at home.

Back to what I was saying about motivation: some of what I'm feeling is... what should I do? What feels good? Why the hell should I do *anything* because, really, what does it matter- either now, or in the future? If I make a quilt now, sure it may be worth something both now and in the future, but does it really matter?

Then I got back to thinking... what makes life worth living? Sometimes life seems boring and really not worth being here... not that I'm depressed, but that I'm practical. Life isn't about packing our time with big, exciting events... but a full life is more about an almost infinite supply of sweet moments... like the memory of a day between November and December when dad was watching some game (Patriots...@@) while mom's yakking her head off to one of her friends, and my sister and I were making cookies... or a cool, quiet evening when both boys passed out on the couch, sweet as can be, and Mike and I were watching the Jack Benny show with some popcorn and drinks. Life IS those moments.

...and photoshop boo-boo's of my favorite flannel...

THIS yarn that I *believe* I spindle-spun a while back is going to be worked up into a kid's hat very soon.

- jess.


ArtSparker said...

Heh, brings back memories of my nephews when they were little. A favorite experiment was to to take turns hitting until one guy actually hurt, and burst into "Mum! He hit me!"

Jack Benny? Do you have a time machine there?

Thinking...thinking's good for entertainment and buying groceries. Otherwise...hmmm...not so sure. A friend said he couldn't decide if it was better or worse to be married than single. Eh, there's no better or worse, just as you say a collection of moments.

Deborah said...

Adorable boys! What a great picture!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of the boys!