Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wooly addiction.

Eek! Monday is a half day, and that's it for school till summer school.

I was fondling (yes, FONDLING!) my handspun yarn a few days ago and I felt that I *had* to do something with it. I kept saving those skeins in case I found the perfect project. The dark blue variegated yarn is hand dyed and spun by me, WAY before I had kids. It's corriedale, my all time favorite. The turquoise and yellow is from dyed roving I bought online, all alpaca.
Picture four of those squares, with the dark colors meeting in the middle, making sort of a diamond. THAT is what it's going to be, a small lap blankie for the couch or the car. I am so glad I have something to do with my beloved handspun.
Nothing should be in your life unless you LOVE it!
SEE? <-- that is captivating me right now... it's a more mature description of how I am beginning to feel about the things I have.

So yeah, I got a little sidetracked. Sowwie.

And THIS yarn, below, is Navajo 3- plied, hand dyed by me, BFL... I am going to make some wool shorts or pants out of the yarn. My kids are out of the cloth diapers now pretty much so I'm going to sell these when they're done.


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