Sunday, June 6, 2010

Victory Patio Garden?!!

Absolutely! This is my 3rd (I believe) year of having a patio garden. I still have the big garden at my mother's house, along with my fruit trees, but this one is right outside my door.

A nice surprise recently was discovered from keeping my eyes open. I found some plants near where my weed bucket was (sadly, not THAT kind of weed...) and on the other side of my patio. Near the weed bucket, I found dill and carrots, already growing!


Because I'm a NERD, this has had me way too excited. :D :D :D

The early stages of the 'jungle,' with Nicky's efforts (squash/ zucchini) on the second shelf next to the oregano, which was fou nd on the other side of that stand! I'll tell ya, oregano takes off. It will take OVER. My big garden at mom's house is almost exclusively oregano and it's got to be tilled. However, I've never found an insect bite in my oregano so maybe it's a great thing to have in large quantities.


I'm still quilting pretty much every day, but fiber keeps calling me back... this is some yarn I spun up a few years ago on a spindle. I may make it into socks.

Future socks, future *something,* anyway. I'm teaching an extremely sweet friend, D, to spin, and first I'll try her on the wheel. She's helping me fine tune my sewing so it looks amazing and not like shit. ; )

I am SO glad that summer is here. I am SO glad that we have everything we need and a lot of what we want. I'm really quite happy that it has rained almost all weekend, despite not being able to let the kids run much.

I kinda wish Tony came with a volume knob though.

- jess

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