Thursday, June 10, 2010

Field trip and trying to craft.

Mac Dougal's last field trip, ever, because our ...I don't like the superintendent. Anyway, it was a GREAT field trip!!! The whole school of over 100 kids went, along with a few siblings, and parents, and teachers. Totally happy event! This is at Lucia Beach in Owl's Head.

My littel guys up front! Tony clung tightly in our arms and the teachers' arms at first, and then we couldn't get him out.



Spinning! This is perfect to have on the patio in the evenings when Nicky wants to be outside, but I can't be far from the kitchen because dinner is cooking. (sorry, SUPPAH.) I'm 2-plying this as soon as that spindle is full. I can't believe I haven't spun much lately... it is a convenient, satisfying way to play with color and to get that sensory satisfaction- the textures, colors; and, with the raw fleece, the smell. Sheep smell good.

- jess

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