Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spinning cotton, hand quilting

I am starting to love spinning cotton. It isn't difficult to do; but for me, it's much easier to spin on a spindle.

The Irish Chain Quilt, with random quilting lines. To the right there, that's the center "block" of blocks, and I may take otu the stitching to m- screw it, I am not taking out the stitching.

The batting is actually a layer of fabric.

I love the different shades of white. I don't love the puckering. And this top was completed before my love of the iron. ;) I have found a few patch up jobs to do, but that doesn't surprise me, because the kids have already used the basted, uquilted quilt. I had it rolled up and sitting on top of the couch and they grabbed it as the mood hit.

Inspired by Wendy, I started a quilt of blocks that highlight prints that I love. Go check out her work, she's amazing and she does EVERYTHING by hand. This could be a whole new way of life.

MANY more pics if you click on the picture above. ^^ ^^
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