Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sort of. Close friends are moving out and far friends are moving in, both physically and metaphorically. Life with the kids, keeping up with this place (home), blogging. Everything is changing!!! I think we all spend a lot of time wondering if we're really going to realize our dreams, and we always want more. That isn't exclusive to our generation; I daresay the desire to have more (or, even, the most) has been around since primitive times. I'll poke at my anthro man and ask him. He's a wealth of knowledge and I wish he'd share it more.

Because life has been so wild lately, I've been hitting take-out wayyy more than any person should. (in my opinion) Nothing makes me feel so completely unconnected from myself than NOT taking care of us, in my way. I need to bake more. It's about quality, and not about quantity. I lost 40 lbs a few years ago by eating the richest, least diet friendly food, and walking more. That was my mantra: eat less in quantity; eat more variety; eat REAL FOOD... it worked, and I never felt so spoiled.

Also, it's hard to keep up with this place with the boys trashing it all the time. And yet, I know I'll look back someday and cherish those times.

This is a sweetie I started a few months ago by hand, but I want to finish up the piecing on the machine. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hand quilt it, because I love hand quilting and I think machine quilting is a major pain in the ass.

Irish Chain Quilt with a pattern mostly followed from Moda Bake Shop, using HR's FFA prints, and some scraps I had laying around.

I love Moda. I'd like to make EVERYTHING on that site at some point in my life.

I'm clearing out my stash- if I know I'll never use it, and I know I don't LOVE it, then it's gone. If I DO love it, I'm putting it to use. Obviously, some fabrics need to marinate in the closet, but there are some that really need to be used. Mike's old Levi's needed to be used. He couldn't use them anymore in public without being fined thanks to some very naughty rips, so now they're becoming a throw for the couch or the car, or the porch. Tony (#1 son) is patriotic so the stars are for him.

I am still plugging away on the 'log cabin' type quilt. I still think I'm going to machine quilt this, but in strips, and assemble the strips carefully. Like I said, I detest machine quilting. I always get bunches and it really isn't a fun thing for me to do. Of course, I'd probably enjoy it if I took the time to get it right.

Enjoy today, it's beautiful here.


ArtSparker said...

It sounds as if you are in quite a whirlwind, impressive that you can work in the midst. Thanks for you comment on my blog, I do not disagree with you (In case you were wondering).

Deborah said...

Love the Irish chain quilt!It sounds like you have a lot going on.