Monday, April 12, 2010

One Uninspired Chick...

I hate this feeling. HATE it. Yes, hate is a strong word, but I'm a strong gal. I'm in that phase that I'm sure everyone gets... I have tons of great things I can make but I cannot get started. Startitis. So I've started a few things here and there, and mournfully (and shamefully?) buried them in a basket or a closet. I will dig them out and finish them within 6 months or they're out of here, well except for the artsy stuff. That can stay, because it needs to marinate.

I've played with paperclay, and it's fun. I am a perfectionist with things like that, so if it doesn't come out perfect, I walk away. Obviously, I need to mature with that a bit. ; ) But it's a new outlet that I absolutely love- it's a way to physically manifest that which 'occupies mental space without permission.' (ideas and obsessions!)

IEP's, fighting like a lady (but with a callous, crude bitch scratching to get out- you know, the REAL me) for a simple PECS program for Nicky that should have been in place 6 months ago, since he's nonverbal and all... now we're working on a laptop for Tony, who IS verbal but barely communicative... trying to get the in-home behavioral therapy at least for N, then for T... It's a fun challenge when it's for someone else and I don't have to live with the consequences of these things not being put into action.

I've discovered that I love the kids' artwork on the wall. A sweet friend of mine gave me an idea: to put up a wall-to- wall studio for them in one of their rooms. I think I may do that.

A blast from the past: This is pinned to an antique apron hanging on my pantry door, so I can look at it and add to it when the mood strikes:

This one reminds me of an aerial view of a city, looking at the rooftops. It's a weak fabric that I hand dyed months ago.

I played with this when I was fiddly and I didn't know what I wanted to work on. (this morning, actually.) Right after I took the picture, it blew away. It will be interesting if I find this again, to see its condition. Today was a farce- it was sooo warm when we put the kids on the bus, and now it's very windy and chilly.

My new love, a log cabin- type quilt that I'm making on the machine. It's going pretty quickly. This one is on its way to being a twin-sized blankie for the boys. I'm not being too fussy about the squares lining up just right, because I want it to look patchy. If one side doesn't equal the other, I grab a scrap to sew alongside so it evens out. I crave formality and perfection, but this feels right. I initially gave myself 2 weeks to finish the top but I don't think that's going to happen, because I'm unmotivated to do that. But it should be within a month. I'm thinking about quilting it in sections, so it will go easier through the machine. The back is going to be done in strips, anyway...

- jess


Kerri said...

i feel the same way all the time!! so many projects on my list and not enough time, and then all the ones i've started that i haven't finished. uggh!!

ArtSparker said...

I like the piece at top, which you think is like a cityscape, very much - it's very rich in color but also quite balanced.

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

I feel that way right now. I like your log cabin start!