Saturday, March 13, 2010

When you spin, things come full circle


My arm and my hands have decided, again, that I can't knit right now. I am going to keep trying, but in smaller amounts of time. See, I'm obsessive... I start a sweater, I've got to finish it NOW. I always need to be doing something, I can't sit still.

I did do this though:

I finished Nicky's vest. I won't use this pattern again, because the sizing was way off. But we'll get some use out of it.

Well, maybe not right NOW... he laughed hysterically as he tore off the vest and ran like hell on little tubby legs for the back door. (the bus was on the way anyway)

Ugh. Mike's a closet blonde. That's not what your friends meant by surrounding yourself with... oh nevermind.

March Madness:

The back. Really, there's no plan till I get stitching. I get thinking about the history of quilting, and the people who quilted... I think about randomness, and comfort, and fun, and ducking out of the status quo. And I love red.

The long threads are holding the layers together.

xoxo- Jess

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ArtSparker said...

Sorry to hear about your furstratin, and glad that you have therapy at hand.