Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vest Progress and dyeing.

Almost done. :D I hope the armholes will be large enough; I am blindly trusting the pattern for now, since fixing it won't be too difficult.

Dyed some roving last week:

^^^ The lighter colored roving is the same color as the darker one... here's what I did. The lighter one, I let the colors just barely grab on, removed it from the dyebath, and I washed and rinsed the colors quite a bit. The darker one, I let the colors exhaust overnight. I painted the lighter colors on, let them 'take,' then I added the darker ones, let THEM get settled in a bit, turned it off, went to bed. Both are corriedale, by the way. I am pretty sure I'll be making socks with those.

Below: Handspun that hasn't quite set yet. On the left is corriedale, and on the right is angora/ merino. The darker angora/ merino was purchased, and the rest of the yarns were dyed by me.

Below: A sweater I made Tony a few years ago from an Alice Starmore book, using O-Wool, which is organic and very, very soft. It has the same hand-feel as Bainin, for those of you who remember that fantastic yarn that I love and miss!!! I took this apart, thinking I would buy another skein or two and make a longer version. The yarn shop doesn't have it anymore. (No, really?!! I am so braindead.) So instead, I bought several skeins of this in light blue and I'm going to make this sweater bigger. The yellow wool here will probably be another cute little vest.

- jess


ArtSparker said...

I love that starry purple firmament.

Deborah said...

Yummy colors!