Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beech Hill

I think Mother Nature might be faking it. But today feels like the 50's or so and that feels fantastic. We went up Beech Hill this morning. Tony ran most of the way up and down (about 3/4 a mile each way) and his shoe fell off twice in the mud. Nicky tried to flee the scene and he was kind of a pita about it. The boy is short but he'd make a heck of a point guard. He can turn and run FAST.

"Tony, you need to stretch!" Nicky says.
Tony wonders why he let Nicky take his shoes this morning.

Ahhh. The hilllls are aliiiiiiiiiiiive, with the sound of short peopleeeeee...

What the quilt must look like to the cat.

A sock I'm making for Mike, and you can barely see the stripe join, isn't it- wait, that camera. YES! I found it on the fridge last night. Why did I not look there? Because I wouldn't have put it there. Mike did. Dickweed. So we have 2 cameras now.

I finished the soaker. This one, I'm keeping for Nicholas to use at night. He's pretty well potty trained now, but we still have some issues at night.

I've got tons of handspun yarn now I've got to upload later.

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