Thursday, March 4, 2010

Handspun color and the way to the soul...

Sorry for mother's absence; she's been playing horsies with me and fenagling our IEP's and case management and battling the winter blah's. --Tony

(and shopping... )

But I've been knitting, too! This is some yarn I got in a shop in Brunswick, Maine... a tweedy vest for Nicky.

Marriner's Revenge:

 becoming a small/ medium soaker!

Socks for me, all handspun. The heels are Navajo plied (three ply) and hand dyed by me over the summer. The fibers are all blue faced leicester. (BFL)

I can't get enough of spinning and knitting lately. Especially baby knitting, because it goes more quickly. I'm making up some soakers/ pants (handspun!) that I will put up for sale at some point on etsy. I love combining colors with handspun and I love how one roving can become so many different yarns. It's nice to know that everything can be made beautiful. If you're not involved in fiber arts, I am begging you to get involved right now. The tactile, almost full sensory pleasure is a therapy; the expression of color is a third eye to the soul.

MST3K quote of the day: What would Mitchell do?

-- jess

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