Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hand Quilting on this thing...

I already know how I'm going to quilt it... I just need to get to that stage.
I don't have the first panel completely done yet, but I couldn't resist seeing how it would look with the border I'd planned. This is a coin quilt in the making, my third. The rectangles are 3x6" and the panel (brown and black), those are 3" wide and random lengths. It's growing on me. Initially, I wanted to use a darker brown, but I love how this shade of brown works with the purple and the turquoise.

I had a few friends IRL ask me how I got it done so fast. (did I get it done fast?!!) Attaching one rectangle to another takes maybe 4 minutes. If the kids are home, I'm lucky to get across one whole rectangle before I have to stop one from piddling down the stairs (seriously.) and the other from dumping out anything he can, or covering the bathroom in shaving cream. (seriously!!!) During the day, I clean, sew, clean, computer, clean, etc. And I'm obsessive and fidgety.

That's about it... the weather is so nice that we're trying to get the heck out of here all we can. :)

- jess


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

LOL I thought it was funny when you said friends "IRL". It's funny we have to differentiate anymore between online friends and real life friends. Looks good!

I can't get anything done with my kids awake either, so I don't even try. Right now i'm supposed to be working from home and i'm yelling at the two year old not to jump off the play table and yelling at the six year old to stop rolling cars down the stairs.

Deborah said...

Beautiful colors!