Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hand dyed, handspun


Hand dyed corriedale. Sorry the pic is so dark, the weather is crazy here.

Left and right yarns: from the above roving, single ply. Middle, merino/ angora, also single ply.
I split the roving up just a little so I could get the darker colors in one skein and the lighter colors in the other.

Angora and merino. ::drools:: I think this is going for the cuff of some wool pants. It's also pictured above.

Corriedale wool, unprocessed except for being washed and dyed. (not roving) Green, turquoise, and yellow/ orange. Again, the weather is wacky here so the pictures are dark. I believe this will be a 2-ply worsted yarn!

(another) MST3K quote of the day: She DID know where the horses were...


ArtSparker said...

Those hanks of yarn look like three witches from Macbeth with psychedlic hair...Good to see a new post from you.

jess said...

You are brilliant, I love to see your view on things. Thank you!

Isabel said...

Thank you so much Jess for your thoughts and prayers for my brother. I believe. I have faith. He is such a good person.

I am sure with your prayers and positive energy he is closer to survive and surpass this.

People like you warm my heart and make me believe even more.