Monday, March 15, 2010

Autism, and a little color...

I guess it's not just a craft blog!
...where to start. There is a service up here in Maine called section 24, or actually I think they just changed the name to section 29 (?) and it's a behavioral intervention service for kids with behavioral issues, to help them live more safely. We were approved for it a year ago. After this problem and THAT problem and getting lost in this system and that (really, no one ever goes through this, we just had bad luck!) we got hooked up with a great group of people, whose company name I will leave off here so I don't feel bad later. ;) That was in November that they accepted Nicky as a client. They had to hire someone, and they needed more time. We got an extension.

They took too long and we were moved back to the 'pool' to be picked up by another company.

Two months later, we nag nag nag (we= Mike, myself, and our wonderful case management) and we get another meeting set up. They called us the day before: we can't make it. Ok... we nag nag nag again over the course of a few weeks and we get *another* appt set up. A few hrs before we were supposed to meet, they canceled. Again. WTF? They didn't get some info with their other clients in order so they couldn't accept Nicholas. They knew the day before but they didn't call.

Dude, I spent ALL FLIPPIN' DAY making this place perfect. Went out and bought some really good bakery cookies and coffee... which our cm (case management) and we all enjoyed anyway. ;)
Oh, and they were notified by the state office (who runs section 24) TWO MONTHS AGO that Nicky was released back to the pool... and they didn't know until the day before our meeting last week. They're unreliable and I'm done. It's really a pity, because I'd heard so much good about them before and I personally liked them.

So. We're back in the 'pool' again, waiting to get picked up by someone else.

Yes. Well. Sewing: March Madness!!!

I had been unable to shake the grumpies all last week (and especially this weekend, oi vey...) until I went to Alewives Fabrics in Newcastle and I found some bright colors. If the sun comes out from behind the clouds later, I'll get some brighter shots. These are red, turquoise, and key lime with purple stripes. I'm making a twin sized quilt by hand using 3x6" 'charms,' I'd guess you'd call them. (don't blocks have to be square?) This is already a lot of fun. :D :D :D

- jess

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