Friday, January 1, 2010

Who the heck AM I?

The more I read peoples' blogs, the more I get lost in what they want me to see about who they are... most people will obviously omit the parts of themselves they'd rather we didn't know about them. Of course, most people want us to see primarily their strengths and their creativity and their worth. You may think I'm being critical about that, but I'm really not. I can't imagine watching some tender soul stick out their neck to tell me who they are (or who they'd like me to think they are) and striking them down with humiliation and rejection. Gosh, there is far too much of that in our lives, isn't there?

My best friend says I'm too nice... but I'm not. I'm a bitch when I need to be- especially when it concerns the kids, and as a last resort. But the core of who I am is nurturing.

I don't judge art at all, or at least harshly. Who the heck am I to judge? I know what I like. That's all I know. I think people pretend to know more, for possibly pompous and self- indulgent reasons. I look for intent; why the person made what they did, how they did it... but really, WHY they did it. I hate pretentiousness, with wine and with art. I love the quality of both, and if I don't like a particular wine, I assume it's my tastes, unless something has gone horribly wrong. But that, in my opinion, is more often the fault of the ingredients, and not of the creator. Sometimes it IS the fault of the creator. But the sun can't shine on the same dog's ass everyday, yanno.

I love sensory stimulation. I love sincerity. I think we all need to have more fun. I think we need to take out crayons and paints and whatever paper or surface we can find and make it our own. Carlin said it best: Make your own path today, even if it doesn't go anywhere. People need to play more. Depression, recession, regression, suppression. Naughty, naughty, naughty.

I'm 32 and I am still finding myself. That is a book that started shortly before birth, and I am quite sure it'll never be finished. That's a very good thing!

Again, with the cell phone. I have always loved log cabin quilts. This time, I want to play with color. Playing with color is so fun. And it makes warm blankies!

This will definitely be crib-sized... I may give it to my 7 year old nephew for a cuddle blanket.

I have tried NOT hiding from the kids lately; instead, I am taking several times per day to play with some form of art. Tony (#1 son) has been asking for watercolor painting quite a bit. Nicky (#2 son) and I haven't quite figured out his medium yet, but he does love crayons and beans, and anything with movement. Our local art studio mentioned something about marble painting and I can't wait to try that with Nicky next time we are there.

This is Nicky's work tonight. It was interesting to watch him paint- to try to figure out why he made this the way he did, or if he didn't really HAVE any intentions, except to make some pretty colors in a way pleasing to him on paper.

Numbah 1 son made this. I asked him what it was several times. (some background: he's 6 and although he's mostly verbal, he doesn't answer questions too often) He told me it was a hand, a flower, an orange... and then an orange painting.

I really love what they do. : )


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Hi Jess,
I have a ton of art activities for children on disc, as I spent 8 years running summer camps for a Children's Museum here in Austin. Do you want some?

ArtSparker said...

I like those changes of the stationary two-dimensional painting.

jess said...

Yes, please! I would love that! I'm always looking for more ideas for the kids!
And thank you, Art! :)

Gail :) said...

I Love that you posted this. One of my Resolutions for this year is to paint more with my kids! They LOVE it!!! I was an Art teacher, and all kids love to paint! I have really dropped the ball with my own kids in the painting department :( Here is to Many NEW creations this year from myself and my little artists :)

Deborah said...

Sounds like you're a great mom! Happy new year!

Celeste Bergin said...

children's paintings are gorgeous, aren't they? ..and your quilts here are just wonderful. My Mom quilted and would have loved for me to be interested...I wasn't drawn to quilting/sewing (much to her regret)...but who doesn't LOVE the results? I have several of her quilts and they are pure LOVE. Thanks for sharing yours with us.