Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moving the needle

It started as a log cabin obsession. Then I decided I didn't like my quilting on the log cabins. THEN I saw hearts everywhere, and vines... my heart is in a log cabin.
I love gardening. I wish I could do it year round, like DH used to do growing up in CA. But we're in Maine and there is a lot of snow outside. We have a pumpkin left over from fall that needs to be planted in ma's garden. (It's my garden but it's in HER yard, haha :)

Spring is so hard to see, but those vines will be everywhere and I can't wait!

That little heart inside the heart is from an old, old Christmas stocking that had fallen apart, and it had been either drapes or upholstery before that, I'm sure. Now, it's very delicate.

Dude, hide your shame!

Those are sweet little hands. More to come!


ArtSparker said...

Interesting continuum...from sweet to eat-your-heart-out-David-Lynch disturbed. I like it.

jess said...

You have the best way with words! I'm hoping that, with enough work, I can make this guy as creepy as possible...